TrimPal 4 Unit Pollen Extractor (12/Plt)

TrimPal 4 Unit Pollen Extractor (12/Plt)[ 800103 ]

$715.00 $900.00
The TrimPal 4 Unit Trimmer now allows you to extract all of your pollen using a special tumbler and pollen separation screen. The TrimPal Pollen Extractor is constructed of 304 stainless steel, using food grade nylon 200/150/100 micron interchangeable screens. The containment housing easily bolts to the motor plate of all TrimPal 4 Unit Trimmers. The basket attaches to the motor shaft with an easy release system for increased production. The kief tumbler/pollen basket is made of high grade 70 micron mesh and is very simple and easy to use, just like all of Trimpal’s products.

The outer capture system bolts into the back motor and the kief basket has a easy release system. The plastic lid is thicker than our standard trimmer lid to withstand extreme cold temperatures if dry ice is added. If you will be using dry ice/cold temperatures, then freezing your material for 3 hours is recommended.
Please note that this basket is only for use in the Trimpal 4 Unit Trimmer #800102.

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