Emerald Triangle Killer Tea Gallon (4/Cs)

Emerald Triangle Killer Tea Gallon (4/Cs)[ 739200 ]

$25.63 $38.51

Tired of brewing teas? Killer Tea makes traditional tea brewing obsolete. This state-of-the-art tea is not really a "tea" like other products because it's ready to use, No Need To Aerate and a long shelf life. Killer Tea is crystal clear yellow and has no disgusting sewer odor. Perfect for aeroponic, NFT and DWC systems. All natural: made from pure worm castings and the most potent seabird and bat guanos. No product on the market compares. Use at all stages. Particularly effective on clones and rooted cuttings-especially with Deep Breath. Use with G10 and Sonic Bloom for Gravity effect. The largest pumpkin in Humboldt County history was grown with Killer Tea.

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