Orcon Green Lacewig Mail- back

Orcon Green Lacewig Mail- back[ 733586 ]

$13.19 $19.99

Insects via Mail-Back gives your customers delivery of fresh live beneficial insects to home or job site. The display is available at no charge when 4+ cases of each Insect (packed 5) is purchased. Choose from: Delphastus Pusillus - Eats white fly eggs and larvae; Trichogramma - Used worldwide to attack over 200 kinds of moth and caterpillar insects; Green Lacewings - Often called Aphid Lyon because each larvae can eat up to 1000 aphids per day; Cryptolaemus - Called Mealybug Destroyer; Encarsia Formosa - Tiny parasites that kill many varieties of white fly; Preditory Mites - Seeks out and kills many kinds of mites; Ladybugs - Most popular beneficial insect, both adult and larvae eat pests; Beneficial Nematodes (including Fungus Gnats) - Attacks over 230 kinds of soil dwelling and wood boring insects; Earthworms - Composting Red Wrigglers that aerate and loosen the soil to promote root growth. If you order any four of the 5 pack mail backs receive a free display stand. Drop Ships to customer direct.

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